Current Projects by Working Group

Safety and Health Working Group

Capt. Cole Cosgrove, Chair

  • Safety Data and Near Miss Reporting Standardization, Project Executive: Cole Cosgrove, Crowley  
  • Extreme Weather Events Committee, Chair: Patrick Dougan, MITAGS-PMI


Security Working Group 

Capt. Robert Sheen, Chair

  • CyberSecurity Awareness (on-going), Project Executives: Bob Sheen, Ocean Shipholdings, Inc. & John Jorgensen, ABS 


Environmental Protection Working Group

Ms. Susan Hayman, Chair

  • EPA SmartWay (On-going), Project Executive: Susan Hayman, Foss Maritime


Workforce Recruitment, Development and Retention Working Group

Mr. Chris Volkle, Chair 

  • eLearning Training Tools and Delivery, Project Executive: Chris Volkle, APL
  • SOCP Future Leaders Committee (Vision, Mission & Objectives), Chair: Zoe Goss, Crowley
- Internship Program (on-going), Project Executive: Chris Volkle, APL
- Maritime SA/SH Prevention, Project Executive: Zoe Goss, Crowley 
- 9th Grade Maritime Curriculum Update, Project Executive: Chris Volkle, APL 


Marine Highways Committee (MHC)

Mr. Klaus Luta, Chair