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  Title: Prevention of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Merchant Marine - Tool Kit

Description: A collection of 17 Posters and 4 Brochures that address prevention of Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, retaliation, bystander intervention, bullying, hazing, coersion, stalking and other prohibited behaviors in the U.S. Merchant Marine.  Download Page (scroll to the bottom of the page)

    Title: Prevention of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Merchant Marine - Best Practices Guide (BPG)

Description: This free Best Practices Guide addresses prevention of Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, retaliation, bystander intervention, bullying, hazing, coersion, stalking and other prohibited behaviors in the U.S. Merchant Marine. It is designed to identify and share best practices used by maritime companies of all sizes to implement prevention-and-response policies for such prohibited behaviors. Download Page


    Title: Maritime Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Prevention - Computer Based Training (CBT)
Description: This free interactive CBT provides effective training for merchant mariners and shore based personnel on prevention and response to sexual assault, sexual harassment, retaliation, bullying, and other prohibited behaviors in the U.S. Maritime Industry. Download Page (scroll to the middle of the page)


     Title:   New - Seafarer's Guide to U.S. Merchant Marine Credentials & Endorsements

Description: This book explains the process of qualifying and applying for all the endorsements that may be included in a Merchant Marine Credential. The first part of the book describes the application forms, medical standards, training courses, assessment and testing procedures, and other elements of the “paper chase” that must be completed to obtain a credential. Following that you will find explanations of the qualification requirements for all the credentials provided in Coast Guard rules. The descriptions of the requirements reflect the way the Coast Guard has divided credentials into two categories: National and STCW.  ORDER


     Title:   New - Energy Efficiency White Paper Rev. A 

Description: The Energy Efficiency White Paper provides ship owners and operators with an overview of the latest on energy efficiency measures for marine vessels, discussing how the technology works, potential fuel savings, applicability to various vessels types, and lifecycle costs.  The Paper provides a basis upon which owners and operators can evaluate potential investments in efficiency measures and technologies. The white paper was developed through the Ship Operations Cooperative Program (SOCP) with funding from the Maritime Administration’s Maritime Environmental and TechnicalAssistance (META) Program. ORDER

Rev D Cover    Title:  New 4th Edition - Exhaust Gas Scrubber Guide Rev. D 

Description:  The Fourth Edition to our exhaust gas scrubber guide features: Guidance on regulatory requirements and compliance options, Life cycle analyses for various vessel types, Review of scrubber technology, Technical insight into integration, operations,and maintenance challenges, Appendix with supplier-provided product information. This updated guide was developed by Seattle based naval architecture firm Glosten in cooperation with the SOCP and support from the US Maritime Administration. (MARAD) Order Your Free Copy Now


PFA-95 Disc Image     Title:  Portable Foam Applicator (PFA-95) (Preview Link)  

Description:  This training video provides visual instruction covering the proper utilization, operation and maintenance of the PFA-95 unit, a U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), approved portable firefighting apparatus, manufactured by IMSSCO Corporation.The intended use of the PFA-95 is to permit an individual(s) to attack a small to medium Class Bravo (petroleum) fire immediately with a significant Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) capacity in order to either extinguish the fire or to keep the fire under control until such time as the main firefighting party arrives on-scene. The PFA-95 can be used without donning a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), if the immediate on-scene conditions permit. Order Now

     Title:  ISSA-CBT - Information Systems Security Awareness (Preview Link)

Description:  This new Computer-Based Training from SOCP provides maritime personnel with a comprehensive overview of the range of threats that information systems and devices are subject to, and the practices recommended to minimize those vulnerabilities. Best practices included in this training cover a wide range of topics, from maintaining security for corporate and government networks, to personal use of workplace computers, good password practices, and issues concerning the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter. This training also includes separate sections that address issues for mariners working aboard vessels operated or chartered by government agencies, such as specific log-in policies and rules surrounding working with classified information. The courses include a series of quiz questions to test the user’s understanding of the topics being covered, and a final assessment section. Students may print out a certificate that shows their pass/fail status for the CBT. For most users the course takes about a half-hour to complete. MARAD Support Letter HERE  Order Now

    Title:  Line Handling - Safe Working Environments & Procedures (Preview Link)  

Description:  Formal line handling training and supervised on the job training is strongly encouraged. A mariner must evaluate all tasks and identify the hazards related to these tasks daily. Complacency in assigned work is one of the most common factors in workplace deaths annually. With good training and by following some simple best practices line handling accidents can be eliminated. These best practices and how to stay safe during line handling are the subject of this new 45 minute training video. Order Now

     Title:  Safety Culture - I Choose Not to Look the Other Way (Preview Link)

Description:  It’s not too late to train mariners at all levels to speak up to put an end to the reticence.  SOCP presents this engaging narrative which trains through vicarious experience the effects of not speaking up when a fellow mariner is putting themselves and/or others in harm’s way.This program is geared toward all professional mariners and all other personnel working onboard or around vessels of all types. Order Now

    Title: Electrical Safety for Mariners CBT (Preview Link)

Description:  This Computer-Based Training (CBT) course is designed to assist ship owners, operators, maritime academies and labor organizations in training merchant mariners in best practices to reduce the risks associated with electrical systems aboard all types of US Flag commercial vessels in all types of service oceangoing, coastwise, inland and offshore. This product is also intended to provide onboard electrical safety training for various SOCP member vessel owners/operators - for both basic electrical safety and annual refresher training. Order Now 

    Title: Crew Endurance Management System CBT

Description:  Familiarization Training for Ocean Going Mariners.  A formal program of practices for controlling risk factors that affect crewmember performance and shipboard safety in the commercial maritime industry.  The computer based training program provides modules regarding environmental and individual factors, light management, coaches training/developing and implementing crew endurance plans. Order Now



 AP_Disc1   Title: SOCP Anti-Piracy Video

SOCP Anti-Piracy DVD,  has been developed to assist seafarers, vessel owners/operators, maritime unions, underwriters and government agencies in preparing vessel crews for piracy attacks.

The SOCP Anti-Piracy DVD includes two training sessions that are complimentary to each other:

1) Onboard Anti-Piracy Measures for Mariners and 2) Crew Hostage Situation Awareness and Response

The threat and success of pirate attacks on commercial vessels has had a significant impact on the maritime industry and on the lives of seafarers that crew the vessels.  Piracy continues to remain a major challenge to maritime nations. It is obvious that the maritime community must do more to end this threat to our sea-lanes and mariners. Order Now

    Title: Bridge Resource Management (Preview Link)

Description: The purpose of this video is to inform sea going personnel of the concept of Bridge Resource Management and to gain an understanding of the human factors involved and to control them.  Topics covered include bridge organization and procedures, pilot and bridge team integration, voyage planning, situational awareness and error trapping, communications, stress, fatigue, and leadership and group decision making.  Bridge Resource Management is such a crucial part of navigational safety that it is a requirement of the international STCW convention and the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. Order Now

photo document cover engine room resource management    Title: Engine Room Resource Management (Preview Link)

Description: The concept and practice of Bridge Resource Management is applied to engine room operations in this video, and human factors are the central theme.  Topics covered include engineering organization and procedures, team building, situational awareness and error trapping, communications, stress, fatigue, leadership and group decision making, and cultural diversity. The relationship of Engine Room Resource Management to STCW implementation is stressed and it should be an integral element of the mariner's STCW training package. Order Now  

photo international safety management code 

  Title: International Safety Management Code

Description: This video is aimed at ship operators or managers who are early in the process of implementing their International Safety Management (ISM) programs.  The ISM Code provides an international standard for the safe management and operations of vessels and for pollution prevention.  It also promotes the development of safeguards through the emphasis on human element capabilities and training to harness advances in equipment technology.  In addition to describing the required elements of the code, unique lessons learned by companies who have gone through ISM certification are included. Order Now


shipboard security awareness    Title: Shipboard Security Awareness

Description:  This training video is aimed at providing merchant ship crewmembers with an awareness of the possible threats against their vessels and how to recognize when such threats might occur.  The video should help instill a high level of security awareness among crewmembers and provide practical real-world advice to crews on the security of their ships. Order Now


shipboard accident investigations     Title:  Shipboard Accident Investigation

Description: An important part of a shipboard Safety Management System (SMS) is an effective accident investigation process.  The level of safety has been shown to improve when changes are made as the result of analyses of accidents and near accidents.  This video is intended to be used as a training aid to assist accident investigation teams in conducting investigations.  It is also intended to make all crewmembers aware of the importance of reporting accidents and near accidents.  The video addresses all of the elements of the investigation process, with emphasis on identifying root causes and making recommendations for corrective action. Order Now


enclosed space entry   

Title: Enclosed Space Entry (Preview Link)

Description: Entry into, or work in confined or enclosed spaces may cause fires, explosions, injury, illness or death. Because of these deadly hazards, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as well as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, National Fire Protection Association, and the Coast Guard have prepared regulations and guidelines for entry or work in confined and enclosed spaces.  The video covers hazards of confined or enclosed spaces, personal protective equipment, testing procedures, ventilating and inerting procedures, hot work and emergency and rescue procedures. Order Now 


drug and alcohol prevention    Title: Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program

Description: The 1995 Amendments to the STCW convention require that crew members have knowledge of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.  This video is based on an ILO manual for establishing a company-wide drug and alcohol prevention program.  Topics covered include the cause and effect of substance abuse, alcohol abuse, dangerous drugs, and what crew members can do about substance abuse. Order Now


    Title:  Personal Survival and Social Responsibility

Description:  The video identifies examples of desirable and undesirable behavior of mariners in a shipboard environment, including procedures, penalties and the correct method of filling out documentation of serious incidents in the context of marine accidents and incidents. Order Now


Personal Survival Part 1    Title: Personal Survival Techniques (Pt 1 of 2)

Description: Personal Survival Techniques represent training requirements for both the 1995 Amendments to the STCW convention as well as the Code of Federal Regulations.  Since the breadth of materials to be covered is quite large, this material is presented in a two-part video.  Part one covers evacuation, life rafts, and personal life saving appliances, emergency electronic equipment, and survival at sea. Order Now


    Title: Personal Survival Techniques (Pt 2 of 2)  

Description: Personal Survival Techniques represent training requirements for both the 1995 Amendments to the STCW convention as well as the Code of Federal Regulations.  Since the breadth of materials to be covered is quite large, this material is presented in a two-part video.  Part two covers lifeboats, fast rescue boats, and helicopter rescue. Order Now


vessel lay-up procedures     Title: Vessel Lay-up Procedures

Description: The procedures necessary to prepare a vessel for long term lay-up are described in this video.  These methods and procedures are based on those used by BP Oil Shipping Company, which are described in an accompanying manual and which is included with the video.  These procedures describe all actions to be carried out in the lay-up of a steam powered tanker, and should be viewed by all shipboard personnel aboard a vessel scheduled for lay-up so they may prepare and maintain their departments in the proper vessel lay-up condition.  Also included are the periodic inspections that are required following lay-up of the vessel. Order Now





Title:  Vessel Familiarization

Description:  This package includes a vessel familiarization CD template and detailed step-by-step instruction guide for operators to use in producing their own vessel specific training CD. Order Now


Title: Streamlined Boiler Automation

Description: Provides a step-by-step procedure to enable a ship owner to obtain Coast Guard approval for using a streamlined (and less costly) procedure for performing inspections for boiler automation systems. Order Now