Subcommittee on Technology & Equipment

Related to Voluntary Automated Weather Observation


Joseph Sienkiewicz, NOAA

Brian Tetreault, USACE



James Luciani  NOAA        Dave Waldhauer  Crowley
Rob Niemeyer NOAA   Bob Sheen Ocean Shipholdings
Rusty Albaral  NOAA    Tom Bushy
Tom Cuff  NOAA    Tony Margan  MARAD
Greg Johnson Alion Science   gwjohnson@alionscience    Robert Lewald USCG 
Patrick Dixon  Navy  

Initial Potential Initiatives:

  • Weather Data Transmission Standards, international-IMO (AIS and VDR) and domestic (NOAA and Weather Services)
  • AIS Weather Data Transmission Technologies
  • VDR Weather Data Transmission Technologies
  • Weather Station Data Transmission Technologies
  • Other weather Data Transmission Technologies


2017 SOCP Summer Webinar/Committee Meeting (Presentations)

  1. Introduction, Data information and preferences - Joseph Sienkiewicz, NOAA
  2. Automated Weather Stations – Mike Petochny, James Luciani, Rob Neimeyer, NOAA VOS 
  3. VDR: Parameters, Leveraging Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) Technology for collecting and transmitting Vessel Observer Weather Data - Doug Mansell, NTSB
  4. Leveraging Automatic Identification System (AIS) for collection of observations: Parameters to automate, best ways to collect and disseminate data – Brian Tetreault, USACE 
  5. Autonomous Vessels, Vessel Weather Observations and Operational Considerations - Todd Ripley, MARAD  

NOTES (Thank you Hayden Morse for taking notes!)


2017 SOCP Fall Webinar/Committee Meeting (Presentations) 

Monday, October 30 Extreme Weather - Technology and Equipment Subcommittee Meeting Agenda and Presentations

Meeting Notes and Action Items (Thank you Todd for providing notes.)


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