Completed Projects By Working Group

Projects Completed Since 2010

Safety and Health Working Group

Capt. Cole Cosgrove, Chair

  • 2010 "I Choose Not to Look the Other Way" – Safety Culture (DVD) - Mr. Mike Bohlman, Project Executive
  • 2010 "Mariner Preparedness Checklist" - Mr. Vince Corry, Project Executive
  • 2011 "CEMS Familiarization Training for Ocean Going Mariners" (CBT) - Mr. Todd Ripley, Project Executive   
  • 2011 "Electrical Safety" (CBT) - Mr. Phil Shullo, Project Executive
  • 2012 "Line Handling" (DVD) - Mr. Rich Hendren, Project Executive
  • 2014 "PFA-95" (DVD) - Ms. Margaret Reasoner, Project Executive


Security Working Group 

Capt. Robert Sheen, Chair

  • 2010 "Crew Hostage Situation Awareness and Response" (PPT) - Mr. Vince Corry, Project Executive
  • 2010 "Onboard Anti-Piracy Measures for Mariners" (DVD and PPT) - Mr. Vince Corry, Project Executive
  • 2010 "Crew Hostage Situation Awareness and Response" (DVD) - Mr. Vince Corry, Project Executive
  • 2014 "WatchStander Anti-Pirate System At Sea Test" (Pilot Test) - Mr. Robert Sheen, Project Executive
  • 2014 "Merchant Mariner Information Systems Security Awareness (ISSA) (CBT) - Mr. Bob Sheen and Mr. Royce Engler, Project Executives


Environmental Protection Working Group

Ms. Susan Hayman, Chair

  • 2011 "Exhaust Gas Scrubber Study - Revision A and B" - Ms. Susan Hayman, Project Executive
  • 2015 "Exhaust Gas Scrubber Study - Revision C and D - Ms. Susan Hayman, Project Executive


Workforce Recruitment, Development and Retention Working Group

Mr. Greg Dronkert, Dr. Art Sulzer, Ms. Carol Wolosz, Chairs

  • 2015 Facilitated Meetings with MERPAC to Develop A Clear Military to Mariner Pathway, Mr. Glen Paine, Project Executive  Thank You Letter from USCG
  • 2015 Developed and Supported NA World Maritime Day Maritime Education and Training Event, Dr. Art Sulzer, Project Executive 

Marine Highways Committee (MHC)

Mr. Klaus Luta, Chair