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SOCP August Gam Presentation: Resources to Assist Mariners During the COVID-19 Crisis (08/20/20) 
SOCP US Mariner Crew Change Facilitation Guidance COVID-19 (rev.1 2020 04-27)
SOCP April Gam Recording: Critical Incident Issues, Stress, and Human Resilience (04/16/20)
Ship Crew Activities - Things to Do with the Entire Crew (04/16/20) 
SOCP COVID-19 for Maritime Webinar PowerPoint (03/19/20)
U.S. Department of State Passport Services - Notice to Mariners with International Voyages (04/13/20) 
USCG MSIB COVID-19 - Update (Change 5) (05/27/20) 
USCG MSIB COVID-19 - Update (Change 4) (04/23/20) 
USCG Comprehensive Information for COVID-19 - "Safeguarding the Maritime Transportation System During COVID-19 Pandemic (04/10/20)
USCG MSIB COVID-19 - Extensions to BWM (04/10/20) 
USCG MSIB COVID-19 - Exemptions to TWIC Requirements(04/03/20)
USCG MSIB COVID-19 - Vessel and Facility Response Plans (04/03/20) 
USCG NMC COVID-19 - Update #2 (03/30/20)
USCG MSIB COVID-19 - Mariner Credentials - Update (Change 1) (03/30/20)
USCG MSIB COVID-19 - Guidance for Maritime Operators on Compliance with Federal Drug Testing Requirements (03/27/20)
USCG MSIB COVID-19 - Maintaining Maritime Commerce and Identification of Essential Maritime Critical Infrastructure Workers (03/27/20) 
USCG MSIB Vessel Inspections, Exams, and Documentation (03/26/20) 
USCG NMC COVID-19 and Mariner Credentialing Program Impacts - Update #1 (03/19/20) 
USCG MSIB Novel Coronavirus - Mariner Credentials (03/19/20)
USCG MSIB Novel Coronavirus - Port and Facility Operations (03/19/20) 
USCG MSIB Novel Coronavirus - Update (Change 3) (03/16/20) 
USCG MSIB Novel Coronavirus - Vessel Reporting Requirements for Illness or Death (03/13/20)
USCG MSIB Novel Coronavirus - Update (Change 2) (03/13/20)
USCG NMC COVID-19 and Mariner Credentialing Program Impacts (03/13/20)
USCG Sector Houston-Galveston Port State Control Screening Measures for COVID-19 (03/10/20)
USCG MSIB Novel Coronavirus - Update (Change 1) (03/9/20)

TSA COVID-19 Information
TSA Enrollment Services & Vetting Programs COVID-FAQs bulletin (03/20/20) 
World Health Organization (WHO)
WHO - Latest Updates
WHO - Advice for Public 
WHO - Country & Technical Guide 
WHO Operational Considerations for Managing COVID-19 Cases and Outbreaks on Board Ships (02/24/20)

What Maritime Pilots Need to Know about COVID-19 
CDC Business Sector Call for COVID-19 (Recording of Partner Call 03/19/20) 
CDC - Latest Updates
Interim Guidance for Ships on Managing Suspected Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Updated 02/18/20)
Interim Guidance for USCG and CBP at U.S. Seaports in Response to 2019-nCoV (02/12/20)

Mariner's Guide
2019 Novel Coronavirus Mariner's Guide (02/26/20)
Reopening Guidelines for Domestic Passenger Vessels (04/2020)    
SAMPLE Crew Operational Changes Awareness Video
Moxie Media
No fee COVID-19 Prevention and Protection (video or SCORM interactive format) (04/29/20)
UK Port Skills and Safety
Latest Information for UK Port Sector and Maritime Industry (posted 03/26/20)     



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