• Members shall act with integrity, professionalism and honesty, and do nothing that would discredit the program or its membership. 

  • A member shall not, maliciously or by unfair means, damage or defame the reputation or business of another member. 

  • Members shall not profit from use of the SOCP Name without the express permission of the Operations Committee.  Members shall not profit at the expense of individual member information provided by SOCP without the expressed permission of the individual member. 

  • A member shall strive to conduct their business in a manner that reflects on the SOCP’s ideals of professionalism and integrity.

  • A member shall not promote personal agendas at the expense of other members at meetings or forums conducted by the SOCP.

  • Members shall not represent personal or company positions as positions of SOCP without the consent of the Operations Committee.

  • The SOCP encourages active and lively discussions among its members (business, government, education and labor).  In such discussions, members are expected to respect the views of each member.

  • Members shall respect the confidential nature of the SOCP Business Meetings.

  • Members shall strive to increase and advance the SOCP goals for the benefit of all members and work to the mutual benefit of fellow SOCP members, by sharing non-proprietary lessons of experience and professional study.