July 2021 Gam Recording - MEPC 76 Regulations Update and Potential Impacts on Ships
  • MEPC 76 regulations updates and Potential impacts on ships’ operation and design



Jan Hagen Andersen, P.E., DNV Business Development Director

Yanran Wang, DNV Senior Engineer

May 2021 Gam Recording - Cybersecurity precautions in Ports and Facilities
  • Overall requirement: reliability in automation, with safe and predictable operations

  • Risk assessment

  • Attack surface planning

  • Common threats and planning

  • Security program needs

  • Security control implementation

  • Pattern-based interactions

  • Building a mature and sustainable program

  • Pain points and actions



Mr. John Jorgensen, Chief Scientist, ABS CyberSafety®

April 2021 Gam Recording - Additive Manufacturing

This SOCP Gam session will address the planning and implementation aspects of Additive Manufacturing (AM), which is also known as 3D printing. Additive Manufacturing systems for industrial production give considerable flexibility for custom build applications, especially for custom configurations and one-off builds. New materials useful in a variety of 3D deposition AM methods provide new methods of satisfying customer requirements. New methods require new considerations in planning, processing, build, testing, and certification, and this briefing will discuss the considerations American Bureau of Shipping has used to arrive at industry standards and methods applicable to safe installations on marine and offshore assets.



Mr. Demetrios Stroubakis, ABS Director for Vendor Programs

Dr. Mary Qiao, Lead Researcher for AM, ABS Technology

March 2021 Webinar Recording - COVID Test Kits Delivered by UAV to Inbound Vessels

Alex Spataru has worked in aerospace, oil & gas, and management consulting in the U.S. and abroad. In 1983, he started the ADEPT Group, Inc., an engineering consulting firm that was an early adopter of green and environmentally friendly technologies. ADEPT is now focused on tech transfer that provides cost-effective solutions to energy and environmental challenges. With the ADEPT team, he conducts product development and market penetration/acquisition projects.

November 2020 Gam - Rethinking VHF Broadcast Notice to Mariners

Captain Glander serves as the Chief of the Coast Guard’s Office of Defense and Counterterrorism, where he led policy development and planning for the Coast Guard’s National Defense mission. Designated as a permanent cutterman, Captain Glander has served over nine years at sea, performing many Coast Guard missions including aids-tonavigation maintenance, search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, and environmental response operations. His staff tours included assignments as a policy and performance analyst at Coast Guard Headquarters’ Office of Planning and Assessment, and as the speechwriter to the Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard.

April 2020 Gam - Critical Incident Issues, Stress and Human Resilience

Cole graduated from USMMA. Sailed for about 10 years before coming ashore full time and is  employed by Crowley Maritime Corporation, which is a worldwide logistics and marine transportation provider with over 5000 employees. Captain Cosgrove currently serves as VP, Global Ship Management for Crowley Shipping business unit responsible for over 30 US and foreign flag owned / managed vessels (including their newest LNG vessels). Working at Crowley for over 33 years, Cole has held various positions including VP, Safety, Security, Quality & Environmental; VP, Marine Personnel; and VP, Marine Operations. Cole was a past President of the SOCP, prior Co-Chair of the Short Sea Shipping Cooperative and has served 3 terms as an Executive Area Maritime Security Committee member for various COTP’s in Sector Jacksonville. d.

November 6-7, 2013 - 20 Year Anniversary 

The Ship Operations Cooperative Program (SOCP) cordially invited the maritime community to attend the SOCP Annual Event, celebrating 20 Years of Collaboration & Innovation to Improve the U.S. Maritime Industry. The event was held at MITAGS-CCMIT.