Sexual Assault / Sexual Harassment Prevention (SASH) Products

SOCP Sexual Assault / Sexual Harassment Prevention Best Practices Guide

  This Best Practices Guide addresses prevention of Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, retaliation, bystander intervention, bullying, hazing, coersion, stalking and other prohibited behaviors in the U.S. Merchant Marine. It is designed to identify and share best practices used by maritime companies of all sizes to implement prevention-and-response policies for such prohibited behaviors. .ZIP INSTRUCTIONS, Acrobat Reader DOWNLOAD

Versions for Download: 

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SOCP Sexual Assault / Sexual Harassment Prevention Computer Based Training   

  This interactive CBT provides effective training for merchant mariners and shore based personnel on prevention and response to sexual assault, sexual harassment, retaliation, bullying, and other prohibited behaviors in the U.S. Maritime Industry. INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS 

SOCP SASH CBT Preview     VIEW  

Versions for Download:  

   CBT  508 Compliant Computer Based Training for use by individuals in conjunction with your web browser.   


   SCORM  SCORM compliant version of the 508 compliant CBT which can be used by an organization to integrate the CBT into their Learning Management System (LMS).     DOWNLOAD 


SOCP Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment PREVENTION TOOLS - NEW !!


Poster Icon  BROCHURES


4 quick reference guide brochures targeted to support the Company, Master, Shoreside Personnel, and Victims with "Zero" tolerance techniques and tips for prevention of and response to SASH behaviors. 


  • Companies
  • Masters
  • Shoreside Personnel
  • Victims 


Poster Icon   POSTERS

17 downloadable SASH Prevention posters, which include some of the following themes: 


  • Advocacy
  • All Reports Investigated
  • Basic Dos and Don'ts
  • Did You Know
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Hostile Work Environment]Know Your Reporting Options
  • Leadership Culture
  • Negative Effects
  • Prohibited Behaviors
  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Responsibility
  • Sexual Harassment 1
  • Sexual Harassment 2
  • Shore Leave
  • Zero Tolerance Culture
  • Zero Culture 

SOCP encourages organizations to post these posters onboard their vessels as well as in shoreside facilities.

Facilitators Cover 


The facilitators guide mirrors the Power Point Presentation and the Student Workbook. There are a total of: 

  • 10 Facilitator led discussions 
  • 6 Group exercises 
  • 8 Workbook exercises 
  • 4 Modules 
  • 5 videos 
  • (2) 15-minute breaks 
  • 1) one-hour lunch 

The following are provided to assist you in setting up the physical classroom and materials: 

  • Classroom items checklist 
  • Room layout diagram 
  • Timetable 
  • Optional course variations 
Your role as a student is key to ensuring engagement, participation and the overall success of this course. You play an important part in this course by embracing new concepts and ideas while participating with enthusiasm, passion, and energy. This workbook is to help you through the entire course with step-by-step instructions and various activities. There should be sufficient space to take notes and write down thoughts or questions for discussion along the way. 
 PPT Cover  CLASSROOM POWERPOINT PowerPoint Presentation for use with the Facilitator's Guide and Student Workbook. The expected length of this course can vary between 3-8 hours. This is dependent upon class size, student participation, facilitator guidance, and variation in content. PPTX file size 82Mb; PDF Version 55Mb    DOWNLOAD


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