Safety and Health Working Group

Capt. Cole Cosgrove, Chair



Security Working Group 

Capt. Robert Sheen, Chair



Environmental Protection Working Group

Ms. Yanran Wang, Chair

  • SOCP User's Guide to Ballast Water Treatment Systems Project 

  • EPA SmartWay (On-going), Project Executive: Yanran Wang, DNV GL

  • SOCP 2017 Summer Webinar/Meeting META Presentation



SOCP Future Leaders Committee 

Massachusetts Maritime Academy Chapter

  • President: Shannon Elwood 

  • Vice President: Joshua Fitzler

  • Treasurer: Joseph Quinn

  • Secretary: David Kohler

  • Social Responsibility Group Coordinator: Jennifer Nalette

- Internship Program (on-going)

- Social Media Initiative (on-going) 

- Maritime SA/SH Prevention (completed 2018)

- Volunteer program with the National Marine Life Center (completed 2018)

Future Leaders Web-page



Workforce Recruitment, Development and Retention Working Group

Ms. Patty Finsterbusch, Interim Chair  



U.S. Maritime Autonomous Vessel Consortium

Tracey Mayhew, Co-Chair & John Jorgensen, Co-Chair 

Consortium Members Web-page

2020 September Webinar Presentation: USCG MASS & RFI on Integration of AV and Technologies into MTS


Membership & Marketing Outreach Committee (MMOC)

Mr. Jayson Toth, Co-Chair

Ms. Elizabeth Simmons, Co-Chair 

MMOC Webpage and Reference Documents 


Marine Highways Committee (MHC)


The Ship Operations Cooperative Program (SOCP) is a 501(c)6 nonprofit and nonpartisan member-driven organization of industry leaders to promote and improve the maritime industry through collaboration, facilitation, recommendation, and innovation.  We are not a lobbying organization. Our members are the primary maritime stakeholders that include owning and operating companies, labor, training and educational professionals, mariners, regulatory, government and non-government organizations.

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