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  • SOCP Members take on industry improvement projects for the betterment of the U.S. maritime industry, focusing on safety, productivity, efficiency, security, and environmental performance of U.S. vessel operations.

  • SOCP Members provide "thought leadership" and a vehicle by which U.S. based maritime organizations can work together to solve common problems relating to vessel operations.

  • SOCP Members facilitate dialogue between its members consisting of business, government, education and labor as well as outside organizations having the ability to address and effect change regarding issues of concern. 

  • SOCP Members develop products that its members can obtain at a reduced cost. These products are also sold to non-members. SOCP members determine the products that would be most valuable to them and assist in their development and production. Revenue generated by SOCP product sales comes back to SOCP and is used in SOCP programs as members see fit.

  • SOCP Members test and evaluate new products and technologies that are of interest and may have applications within their operations. Feedback and evaluations from the testing are shared with the SOCP membership so they can determine potential applications within their organizations.

  • SOCP Members conduct, support or oversee research and development work, and explore new technologies at a fraction of the cost of conducting independent projects.

  • SOCP Members provide the strength of a united consortium when making recommendations to state, federal, and international regulatory organizations.

  • SOCP Members allow for the timely sharing and dissemination of maritime new, regulations and information among members.


The purpose of the SOCP is to provide a cooperative nonprofit and nonpartisan member-driven organization of industry leaders to promote and improve the maritime industry through collaboration, facilitation, recommendation, and innovation. To achieve our purpose, the objectives of the SOCP are to:

  • Bring together and collaborate on a regular basis representation from business, workforce, education, and government to discuss maritime risks, opportunities, and change.  

  • Facilitate productive dialog to discuss and address common issues within the U.S. maritime community.  

  • Provide collective recommendations to members, regulatory agencies, and standards organizations to resolve real and potential issues within the U.S. maritime industry.  

  • Support innovative projects that benefit the U.S. maritime industry.

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