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SOCP 2023 Leadership

Jayson Toth.jpg

Jayson Toth


Interlake Maritime Services, Inc.

Bob Sheen.png

Robert Sheen


Oceanshipholdings, Inc.

Jerry Pannell.png

Jerry Pannell


AMO - STAR Center


Tracey Mayhew

Past President

SIU Paul Hall Center

Operations Committee Representatives

President: Jayson Toth
Vice-President: Robert Sheen
Secretary: Jerry Pannell 

Past President: Tracey Mayhew, SIU
Cole Cosgrove, Crowley (2022 - 2023)
Catie Gianelloni, MITAGS (2022 - 2023)

Program Administrators: Dione Lee & Dean Lee, QSE Solutions

Banker: Vincent Corry & Robert Sheen
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