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SOCP Issues RFP for BPG, CBTSS & Toolkit Subject Matter Expert

27 March 2023 - The Ship Operations Cooperative Program (SOCP) seeks an Independent Contractor (IC) with SASH subject matter expertise to work with SOCP’s Achieving a Respectful Onboard Culture (AROC) Project Team to develop a Best Practices Guide (BPG), Computer Based Training Scenarios and Scripts (CBTSS), and Toolkit Items for Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment (SASH) Prevention and Response for the Maritime Industry. Using the existing (2017) BPG, CBTSS, and Toolkit Items (posters, quick reference guides, Facilitator’s Guide, Student Workbook, and victim support/assistance list) as a base, these updated, and newly developed products should incorporate comments or amendments from previous review(s) and additional information provided by SOCP’s AROC Team. The IC will update the design, images, and graphics as necessary to communicate simply and clearly the objective for these items and for future CBT development.

The BPG, CBTSS, and Toolkit Items created by the IC under this Agreement must comply with Annex 1 and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

In addition to this Request for Proposal (RFP) for a qualified IC capable of recreating the SOCP BPG, CBTSS, and Toolkit Items, this contractor will also assist in providing guidance for conformance with the U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD) Maritime Cultural Transformation Training Resources – Every Mariner Builds A Respectful Culture (EMBARC) Standards Update, the legislative requirements set forth in the National Defense Authorization Act and recommendations to USCG from NMEDMAC and NMERPAC.

SOCP requests interested entities to submit their technical and cost proposals electronically by 5:00 p.m. ET, April 10, 2023, to the SOCP Program Administrator at  

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