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SASH CBT Instructions

The CBT does not require an internet connection to run the course but you need an internet connection to download the file which is about 127Mb. Once downloaded follow the below instructions to run the file on your preferred browser. The CBT was tested on Chrome, Safari and IE.

  1. Ensure that the downloaded file is complete.

  2. After downloading the .zip file from the SOCP website, you will need to un-zip the file onto your desktop.

  3. The un-zipped file will create folder named “SOCP_SASH_PREVENTION_COURSE”

  4. Open the folder and look for the filename “SOCP_SASH_PREVENTION_COURSE.html”

  5. Open the “SOCP_SASH_PREVENTION_COURSE.html” with your web browser by right clicking on the file and “open with” choose your browser or double click the file name and it should open in your default web browser.

  6. Allow yourself enough time to complete the course (1.5hrs) YOUR PROGRESS WILL NOT BE SAVED and you will need to start over.

  7. Give the program a minute to load.

  8. If the program doesn’t completely load, try refreshing the browser page.

  9. Choose “SASH 508 COURSE" or “SKIP TO COURSE”

  10. Fill in your name and complete the SASH Course.

  11. Once you complete the course, ensure that your printer setting is set to landscape and follow these instructions to print your certificate.

    1. The SASH Certificate is printed using the default settings of your computer.
      To print the certificate in landscape mode you need to first adjust the screen to entirely fit the certificate.
      Then, click the “Print” button and change the default “portrait” print setting to “landscape”.
      Ensure that the certificate is completely in the preview window and print the certificate.

Here is a screenshot of the online instructions for your reference.


SASH Print Instructions.png
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