The U.S. Committee on the Marine Transportation System (CMTS) COVID-19 Working Group (C-19 WG) is hosting this virtual Industry Listening Session to directly hear from all segments of the maritime industry regarding issues and impacts on maritime operations and the workforce resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The C-19 WG invites maritime industry stakeholders to articulate their current unresolved concerns and any recommendations for further action by the C-19 federal interagency working group to address ongoing industry challenges.

The C-19 WG serves as the CMTS forum for facilitating high-level interagency discussion, communication, and actions in support of the MTS under and after COVID-19. Please refer to for the current C-19 WG activities and resources developed for the MTS.

MTS stakeholders who intend to speak at this session are requested to email by January 11 so that the C-19 WG can arrange an equitable speaking opportunity for interested speakers from all maritime industry segments and the public.

Please note that this Listening Session is intended for the C-19 WG members to directly hear stakeholder input without engaging in a dialog.

~ To Access the Listening Session ~

To Join:

Telcon: 404-443-2170; Access Code: 60061206#

Note: Please log-in at the above link 30 minutes in advance to download any plug-ins and test your system’s compatibility with Webex. For more information, please contact C19WG@CMTS.GOV.


SOCP Releases Ballast Water Management Systems User Guide

BWMS User Guide lays out path to compliance over lifetime of installation

The Ship Operations Cooperative Program (SOCP) is pleased to announce the release of the Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) User Guide. Developed by Glosten in cooperation with the SOCP Members and support from the United States Maritime Administration (MARAD), the Guide simplifies the complex regulatory framework around ballast water management and provides step-by-step methods for integrating and operating a compliant BWMS.

“The membership of SOCP should be extremely excited for the release of this Ballast Water

Management Systems User Guide as we believe it is a great tool and will enhance awareness for all maritime operators,” said SOCP President Jayson Toth. “The SOCP would like to give a special thank you to Project Executive Yanran Wang, DNV GL USA, Inc. for spearheading this project effort. We'd also like to thank participating SOCP Members for providing feedback, as well as Glosten and MARAD for their contributions making this a successful project.”

The Guide is geared primarily towards ballast water management for U.S. flag operators in both domestic and international trade; however, foreign flag operators may find aspects of the Guide useful for planning, particularly if they operate vessels in U.S. waters under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Coast Guard. A second release of the Guide is under development and will include several important areas of guidance, such as the ballast water management plan, inspections, sampling, and contingency measures.

“We are honored to once again support the SOCP with the development of this User Guide,” said Alan Orthmann, marine engineer at Glosten. “The Guide presents a straightforward method for developing a successful BWMS program, and organizes key guidance into a ready-to-use document. We encourage owners and operators to provide experience-based feedback for incorporation into the next release.”

Register to download the BWMS User Guide here:

About Glosten: Glosten is a full-service consulting firm of naval architects and marine, electrical, production, and ocean engineers. The firm is recognized throughout the marine industry for integrating advanced analysis with practical, experience-based design. Glosten offers two decades of ballast water management expertise. They have actively supported over two dozen ballast water management projects since 2000 and have helped owners achieve compliance on over 45 unique vessels.

About SOCP: SOCP is a non-profit organization of maritime industry professionals to promote beneficial innovations in ship and other maritime operations through the identification, development, and application of new methods, tools, and technologies. SOCP’s overall objective is to improve the safety, productivity, efficiency, security, and environmental performance of U.S. vessel operations. Any organization with U.S. interests that support vessel operations is eligible to participate in the cooperative program.

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Updated: Jan 7

Training Resources Limited., Inc., (“TRLMI”) today announced that it has acquired the rights to PMM Online and FN Online, the Pacific Maritime Magazine and Fishermen’s News electronic newsletters. Both newsletters will relaunch to current subscribers

in the next week.

According to SOCP Member Dave Abrams, CEO of TRLMI, “We are in the

business of providing mariners with knowledge through education. Adding the ability to provide knowledge through current industry news seems like a natural extension and will allow us to keep our mariners up to date on their industry. We are honored to be able to keep these great information sources going and understand our responsibility to keep mariners informed with relevant news about the maritime and commercial fishing industries that we serve along the West Coast.”

Dave has provided the following links for fellow SOCP Members to subscribe for free:

Subscribe to Pacific Maritime Magazine On Line HERE.

Subscribe to Fishermen’s News On Line HERE.

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